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Spring 2013

Vol 4, Issue 1

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Director's Message

Longwood’s  New Cyber Security and Logistic Centers Will Offer Unique Internship Opportunities!

The College of Business and Economics’ (CBE’s) two new centers offer unique academic programs in today’s/tomorrow’s hottest specialty areas.  Longwood’s Center for Cyber Security offers a minor in Cyber Security and Longwood’s Logistics Center offers an endorsement program in Supply Chain Management. Cyber Security, Forensics, and Policy is an interdisciplinary minor covering three fields: Cyber Security, preventing cyber-attacks; Cyber Forensics, what needs to take place after a company’s data has been “hacked”; and Cyber Policy, the unique legal minefield of U.S. and International rules and regulations.  The Logistics Supply Chain Management endorsement covers Marketing Channels, Risk, Project, and Negotiations/Conflict Management, as well as Entrepreneurship. 

These Centers also provide collaborative opportunities with industry. Academics and industry experts from five continents recently attended the 7th annual conference of the Association of Digital Forensics, Security and Law (ADFSL), sponsored by the College of Business and Economics and directed by the CBE’s Dr. Glenn Dardick. Dr. Dardick, associate professor of Information Systems and Security, said, "The conference allows many academics and practitioners from the local, national and international technical and legal communities to come together and hear about and discuss trends and leading-edge research from experts in cyber forensics, security and cyber law,"  With this interdisciplinary minor and annual conference, there could be opportunities for government and industry driven internships in the defense, ship and aircraft building industries, as well as manufacturing and retail enterprises.

Logistics is a key element of Supply Chain Management.  It deals with getting an item or service from point “A” to point “B” with the least expense, the most speed, the highest security, while operating within the laws of all geography being covered.  Longwood is a founding partner in the creation of the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems (CCALS).  The University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia State University, and multiple members of private industry have recently joined CCALS.  Dr. Jim Haug, associate professor of management, who coordinates Longwood’s involvement, said, "CCALS, which has been Longwood-driven since its inception, will offer students exposure to industry partners through supply chain-oriented internships in which they can earn generous stipends.”  Central Virginia is home to the Army Logistics University at Fort Lee, the distribution center that opened last year in Chesterfield County and significant UPS and FedEx operations; so while challenging, Supply Chain Management has the potential to offer internships and careers previously unimagined.  Careers featuring Supply Chain Management include: distribution, warehouse and transportation management, supplier sourcing and purchasing, risk analysis and third party logistics.

We are not forgetting that many of our students will be interning in the more traditional fields of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing and Real Estate.  So in the McGaughy Center, we are looking for a very exciting and dynamic summer of experiential learning for all of our internship eligible students.

William Baxter
McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center


CBE Internships

Internships are an important educational requirement for all College of Business and Economics students.  They are carefully monitored and evaluated for academic credit, ensuring that intentional learning objectives are structured into the experience.  In addition, each internship includes opportunities for observation, reflection, evaluation and assessment.

An internship must be at least 160 hours in duration, but may be either a part-time or full-time experience and may be paid or unpaid. The flexibility of these requirements helps balance the needs of both the student and the internship host company.

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In This Issue

CBE Internships

Employer's Corner - Eagle Fire, Inc./ Tour

Internship Seminar - Company Opportunities

From Intern to Employee - Jessica Pope

Internship Success - Caitlin Hagarty


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Etiquette Dinner

etiquette dinner 3.11.2013 006.jpg 

College of Business & Economics students, faculty, and guests at a recent Etiquette Dinner.

2012 Alumni Awards

brad schwartz.jpg

(l-r) Matt Paciocco, chair of the Awards Committee, presents Brad Schwartz the 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award.

jody sauls.jpg

(l-r) Matt Paciocco, chair of the Awards Committee, presents Jody Sauls the 2012 Rising Star Alumni Award.

At a recent Executive-in-Residence presentation, Brad Schwartz (Class of 1984) received the 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award and Jody Sauls (Class of 2008) received the 2012 Rising Star Alumni Award.

Schwartz is the CEO of Monarch Bank and Monarch Financial Holdings in Norfolk, Virginia.  Sauls is the General Manager of the Willow Lawn Target store in Richmond, Virginia.  The recipients of these awards are nominated by fellow alumni and selected by the AAB.

Employer's Corner - Eagle Fire, Inc. and Tour

oct. 25, 2012  internship seminar.jpg

Cory Nichols ('08), (center), Corporate Inspections Manager with Eagle Fire, Inc., and Kelly McAnally ('10), (center), Tournament Coordinator with Tour, spoke at a recent internship seminar.

Eagle Fire, Inc. and Tour were the featured companies at a recent McGaughy Center internship seminar.  Eagle Fire, Inc. is head-quartered in Richmond, Virginia and has been providing inspection, functional testing, and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems to commercial, industrial, government, and mercantile facilities since 1987. Recently they added access control systems, fire extinguisher sales and service, and fire protection systems management programs.  Eagle Fire Inc. services Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Maryland, as well as clients on a regional and nation-wide basis. 

Cory Nichols (BSBA ’08, MBA '10), Corporate Inspections Manager from the Eagle Fire, Inc. Richmond office, spoke to students at a recent internship seminar at the College of Business & Economics.  Nichols stated, “When looking for a company to intern with, you need to research the company, take advantage of networking opportunities, build a brand, and tell a story about yourself when interviewed.  Also, once you have the internship, remember to have fun and enjoy the internship experience.”

The Tour is the developmental professional golf tour for golfers who do not have membership in the U. S. based PGA Tour. Beginning with the 2013 season, the Tour will play a greater role in professional golf by becoming the dominant pathway for non-members to earn their PGA Tour card.  The company is based in Jacksonville, Florida and became the title sponsor of the tour on June 27, 2012, when it replaced Nationwide Insurance in that role.

Kelly McAnally (BSBA ‘10), Tournament Coordinator for Tour, spoke to students at the internship seminar following Nichols.  McAnally stated, “There are five points to keep in mind when looking for an internship.  Those five points are: relationship building and networking (beyond collecting business cards), getting out of your comfort zone, using your student status to seek advice from professionals, asking five to ten questions at your interview, showing initiative, and sending a handwritten thank you note to each company that you interview with.”

Internship Seminar - Company Opportunities

Would you like to promote your company to our students?  Students begin the internship process with a compulsory internship seminar where they learn the details and requirements of the program.  They are also introduced to a featured company in their major and concentration, whose representative(s) elaborate on internship opportunities.

During our four Internship Seminars each academic year (two in the spring and two in the fall), we further enrich each company's Longwood day with on-campus experiences where they:

  • are given 20 minutes (+/-) to tell their story at the end of the afternoon Internship Seminar.  Typically there is interaction with students at these seminars and company representatives usually leave campus with a number of qualified resumes, both for internships and for post-graduation jobs.
  • go on a student conducted tour of Longwood's Farmville campus (another chance to interact with students).
  • have the benefit of an informal meet-and-greet with the business school's student leadership and selected faculty. 

If your company offers internships and would like to participate in one of our seminars, we'd like to hear from you.

From Intern to Employee - Jessica Pope

jessica pope.jpg

Jessica Pope

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

The Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) is a U. S. Navy facility in Portsmouth, Virginia, for building, remodeling, and repairing the Navy's ships. It's the oldest and largest U. S. Navy industrial facility as well as the most multifaceted.

My responsibilities during my internship involved reporting master time for over 4,000 employees, assisting in work development for our Comptroller, and participating in various meetings.  I also worked on workload calculations, restored leave, the student loan payment program, missing time spreadsheets, and travel debt.  In addition, I participated in a three-day learning-organization training class. 

Longwood’s College of Business prepared me for many situations that occurred at work.  The business classes that helped prepare me for my internship were business communications, Computer Information Management Systems (CIMS) 170, accounting and finance.  Business communications taught me how to write an effective business letter and resume, as well as how to effectively communicate with people.  My accounting and finance classes gave me the math skills needed for the jobs assigned and my CIMS 170 class helped with the Microsoft Word and Excel work I was given.  The most rewarding part of this internship is knowing that when I graduate I have a career with the NNSY to look forward to as a Financial Technician.

Internship Success - Caitlin Hagarty

c. hagarty.jpg

Caitlin Hagarty

Internship with the U. S. Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven U.S. uniformed services.  The Coast Guard is a maritime, military, multi-mission service unique among the U.S. military branches for having a maritime law enforcement mission (with jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters) and a federal regulatory agency mission. It operates under the Department of Homeland Security during peacetime, and can be transferred to the Department of the Navy by the President at any time or by Congress during time of war.

During my internship, I was a Process Management Intern.  My duties involved working with hurricane-related processes by analyzing documents, interviewing process owners, revising the layout and structure of the process, and publishing the new documents onto the Atlantic Area's Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) SharePoint site.

I was able to apply what I learned from my business classes at Longwood to this internship, especially my business communications course.  This class allowed me to feel comfortable and confident while being interviewed as well as feeling confident when interviewing others.  My Computer Information Management Systems (CIMS) class helped prepare me to work with creating and designing webpages and how to transfer documents to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access.    One of my projects involved looking over parts of the FEMA budget from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  Being familiar with balance sheets and income statements from all of my accounting and finance classes helped me understand the documents and balance sheets.

As a result of my internship with the USCG, I gained experience with organization, time management, process analysis, analyzing existing processes and looking for opportunities to improve current standard operating procedures (SOP).  I was recognized by the three star Admiral, Coast Guard Commander for the Atlantic Area (there are only three of them in the Coast Guard) for my work for their office SOP.  I was also recognized for doing outstanding work by my supervisors.  Overall my internship with the Coast Guard was fun, exciting, and it allowed me to see how organizations operate.  Through this experience I was able to make connections, build relationships, build my resume, successfully complete my assignments, and apply what I learned in the classroom to 'real world' situations.  This experience shows that Longwood is about preparing students for the real world and life after college. 

Our newsletter is designed to keep our internship partner companies, friends, faculty and students informed of the latest happenings in the McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center.  You can also view it online here.  Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. 

Nancy Postans, Editor
Internship Coordinator
McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center